Collaboration platforms that
solve complex water challenges

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Managing water is complex

Success requires coordination

Hydrata is a unique consultancy that connects catchment managers, data, engineers and the public together in one place.

Using Hydrata's web platforms, you can produce interactive management plans that improve with time (unlike the studies going out of date on your bookshelf).

You will build confidence earlier, reduce rework and protect your budget.

Get things right. Sleep well.



Governments drive coordination and manage the big picture. They keep it fair to encourage participation and create projects.

Consulting Engineers
(often many)

They provide the solutions to incredibly complex challenges.

Land developers

Someone needs to build it. In the right place.

A passionate public

Because transparency can engage. Engaged communities create long-term success for projects.


Without it nothing would work. If it changes everything changes.


Floods are expensive. Uncertainty can limit growth.


Topographic Surveys

Because water flows downhill and we need to know where that is.

Hydrology and Hydraulics models

Counting raindrops and predicting flows is complex. We need computers.


Because no one has the full picture. A conservative assumption for one project may be aggressive for another.


New data should improve our understanding, not discredit our past work.

Stakeholders produce great work to understand the issues...

...but change can render the most detailed study suddenly "out of date".

Particularly if the study lives on your bookshelf, or your hard drive.

And the consultancy contract is finished.

About Us

David Kennewell


As water managers, we often talk about Integrated Catchment Management. However I found the "Integrated" momentum difficult to maintain after the meetings and workshops were finished.

When rubber hits the road and projects are being delivered, "Integrated" meant "subject to change at someone else's whim" which meant "blow-your-budget".

I founded Hydrata to address this issue.

My background covers 15 years of water resources engineering, working in government, engineering consultancy and industry. I've delivered engineering designs from project feasibility through all phases of design, construction and operational management. To support these projects I've delivered environmental impact assessments and designed appropriate mitigation measures to see the projects work long into the future.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, we're now based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our Work


We are sourcing relevant data to support improved flood management in Chennai.
The data is hosted on on open platform where anyone can contribute (including you!) to the "open engineering" flood management solutions we are developing.

Project archived

Haiti Groundwater Portal

A web portal for Haiti's hydrogeological data and knowledge. Use the portal.
Contribute and collaborate.
Make informed decisions.
Enjoy more sustainable water.

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SWAMM quantifies the nutrient loading to lakes, and allows collaborative management solutions to enable enjoyable, resilient waterbodies

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Nicaragua Hydro Portal

An open platform to support government, academia, NGOs, and the private sector with regards to planning, development, and management of groundwater resources.

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Online Flood Modelling

A web-based flood model that allows seamless collaboration, verification and simple model updates for years to come.

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Blue Mountains Upland Swamp Monitoring

Collaborative and open data monitoring with the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute

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