Open Source Surface Water Modelling


Create models


  • Import topography
  • Create input datasets
  • Download your model
  • Run on your own computer


Generate results


  • Run models in your browser
  • View and query results
  • Download raw results
  • Download processed results
  • Uses 46 parallel CPUs

Coming soon

Story Teller

Publish results

  • Lifetime static project publishing
  • Prepare a project report in your browser
  • Rerun models as required to update the report anytime
  • Publish to a custom URL
  • Create, compare and publish scenarios
  • Link your scenarios to your report contents

Coming soon


Work as a team

  • Securely collaborate within your organisation
  • Review models in your browser
  • Keep track of comments and responses
  • Hire independent reviewers
  • Publish verified models
  • Hire consultants for updates

Discounted, accessible pricing plans are available for projects with:

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